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They say: Organic, sand-blasted roots rock, with a sweet jam spread.

We say: Capable of veering from one rootsy/groovy Americana genre to genre with crowd-pleasing flair.

They say: Lead guitar wants to be a side order of Santana.

We say: Singer-songwriter Landeo and his band play a wide variety of covers and originals.

They say: Acoustic originals and rock covers of all styles.

We say: Amiable singer-guitarist capable of incorporating loops, samples, and guest players.

They say: Rock/psychedelic.

We say: Way-out-there jam quartet.

They say: Take the ride.

We say: Rock/groove combo handling a wild mix of rock, funk, and indie underground covers and originals.

They say: Focused on nothing but his music … playing acoustic several nights a week, he has played over 250 shows a year for the last five years running.

We say: Funked out, high-energy original rock and groovy jams.

They say: Bringing a spirit of soul, bluegrass, Americana and folk.

We say: A new project from Laura Thurston and Shawn Hagan.

They say: Multi-instrumental duo featuring Joel and Ward of Sol Driven Train.

We say: Clever rock duo (with guests) capable of reworking classics in groovy ways … and, oh, that trombone!

They say: It started as just two girls playing acoustic guitars around the campfires in N.Y.

We say: Acoustic groove/folk/bluegrass, led by string players/vocalists Laura Thurston and Gwyn Waller.

They say: Acoustic tunes and jams.

We say: A variety of rock styles.

They say: Folk, rock, and soul,

We say: Songwriter James Justin Burke’s new album is a collection of melodious odes to his deepest family roots.

They say: Acoustic variety.

We say: Veteran singer/guitarist.

They say: Songwriter: folk-rock and bluegrass.

We say: Singer, guitarist, and basist — expressive, soulful, nautical, and hippified.

They say: Catchy originals, trumpet laced funk grooves, and choice cover songs.

We say: Singer Justin Burke and his local groove/rock quartet (with extra brass!).

They say: Funky rock.

We say: Song-driven rap/rock/funk.

They say: Music that could shake the music scene in Charleston.

We say: Local rock/funk/hip-hop combo.

They say: Acoustic Americana.

We say: Full-band jams and tunes.

They say: A collection of numerous people making music in a variety of styles. There are essentially two versions of the band.

We say: Local groove scientists.

They say: REMOTE is music at its highest apex, creative and cutting edge … like alchemists mixing and matching musical form, style and substance while embracing soul and technology to form a new concoction of sight and sound.

We say: An electronic experiment conducted by Graham Whorley and John Fitzgerald.

They say: A blend of fiery world-beat, Southern funk, and melodious rock.

We say: Adventure-lovin’, Mt. Pleasant-raised jam ensemble set for a big move up.

They say: Bluesy rock classics; covers and originals. "Breaking all the eggs we can find!"

We say: Southern-fried rock quartet capable of jamming on classics and originals.

They say: Crowd pleasing covers and exploratory originals.

We say: Groove scientist.

They say: You’ll have to check us out live…

We say: Local funk/alt-rock.

They say: Cool funk, soul, and rock tunes.

We say: Talented vocalist Elise Testone (of Emotive, Art of Soul) and company.

They say: They maintain an inspiring live show that pleases.

We say: Reggae with elements of rock and funk.

They say: Funk get ready to rock, funk get ready to roll.

We say: Long-running funk/soul outfit.

They say: A melting pot of influences, from the Grateful Dead to Audio Slave.

We say: Gritty rock ’n’ roll from Summerville.

They say: Rock, folk, indie.

We say: Singer/songwriter with a bluesy groove.

They say: Booty-shakin’ foot-stompin’ newgras with vocal harmonies.

We say: Not quite a hillbilly combo, not quite a jam band.

They say: One of the funkiest rock trios in the Charleston area.

We say: Anywhere from classic rock and Motown hits, to modern rock, pop, and R&B.

They say: Southern rock/Americana.

We say: Jammin’ combo: covers and originals.

They say: We’ve combined the sounds of harmonizing guitars and vocals, forceful drum beats, jazz bass, and smooth saxophone.

We say: A Southern-fried blues/rock/jam style.

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