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They say: A vintage rock and blues band from Charleston, performing originals alongside Cash, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and more.

We say: Whole hog pickin' and grinnin' from Yates Dew, Stanfield Gray, Bradley MacLean, and Mike Watson.

They say: Bootless is an original country/southern rock band based in Charleston, South Carolina. Formed in 2012 by experienced rock musicians, Bootless successfully blends country lyrics with rock-and-roll swagger.

They say: I've made my living performing and recording popular and original acoustic music since 1974.

We say: An elegant mix of American and European folk and country music.

They say: Sometimes raucous, sometimes sweet, rock ’n’ roll influenced by the Hank Williamses, the blues, the church.

We say: Still diggin’ the dust and bones. A.K.A. Shovels & Rope.

They say: Passionate singer, songwriter, guitarist performing melodic originals and rock covers.

We say: Bluesy twang, rock, and Americana.

They say: Great singer-songwriter from Sweden.

We say: The Sibelius of the local songwriter scene.

They say: Swamp blues.

We say: Twangy blues and folk from the wet underbelly of the Lowcountry.

They say: "Acoustic guitar man"

We say: Harmony-heavy country, classic rock, folk, and blues.

They say: "A little Country, a little Soul, a whole lot of Rock n' Roll"

We say: Classic rock from 50s, 60s, 70s, plus Country, Soul and Blues

They say: Singer-songwriter.

We say: Well-versed troubadour and collaborator.

They say: Playing on the beach in the local bars.

We say: Folly Beach-style acoustic rock.

They say: Crazy Kentucky girl meets talented musicians.

We say: Strummy, melodic, Americana.

They say: Acoustic rock, bluegrass, country, and Americana.

We say: Delicate and bold singer/guitarist.

They say: A little twang and a little late-night clarity...

We say: Unique combo (featuring most of The Dirty Kids): blues, country, soul, and rock … and more.

They say: These songs come from sticky Southern towns and broken hearts.

We say: Singer, guitarist, collaborator. From-the-gut indie country-rock.

They say: Contemporary top-country and rock classics.

We say: Assertive country-rock; covers and originals.

They say: "Megan Jean's powerful vocals combined with Klay's inventive upright bass technique and their energetic live show showcase the true appeal of this band: their songs."

We say: Melodic folk-pop and country.

They say: Shrimp recording artist: folk, blues, rock, pop.

We say: Trent’s solo album, The Winner, is reverby/rockabilly/boogie-ish. (also of Shovels & Dirt and The Films)

They say: Eccentric blend of folk, rock, and country.

We say: Award-winning crooner, stummer, and songwriter.

They say: Blowfish, Dogs, etc.

We say: Comprised of Hank Futch of the Blue Dogs and Mark Bryan Gary Greene of Hootie & the Blowfish, and guests.

They say: Everything from rock to country to classical to Motown.

We say: A varied blend of Americana, bluegrass, and funkiness.

They say: Everything from country to beach music.

We say: Diligent songwriter, strummer, venue host, and singer with a lengthy song list. Often accompanied on stage by killer guitarist Chris Clifton (pictured).

They say: Unconfined alternative folk-rock.

We say: Spreading their country-tinged acoustic sounds around the Southeast.

They say: "The music style is diverse and audiences will be pleasantly surprised to hear some of their favorite country, pop, blues, and rock artists."

We say: As a country singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Shane Clark is known as a longtime performer in the Charleston area.

They say: Acoustical music that is good to go.

We say: A regular face at the local beach bars and downtown stages.

They say: Americana, blues, and Western swing.

We say: Versatile acoustic string player, pianist, and vocalist.

They say: Acoustic folk music.

We say: Folk/bluegrass combo led by singer/guitarist Sandy Nivens.

They say: Just a bunch of bossy chicks from Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island.

We say: Acoustic bluegrass/country/Americana.

They say: Sounds like … touchin’ a wild horse with a baby’s hand.

We say: Melodic and eclectic rock/pop/twang — featuring Joel Hamilton and Owen Beverly.

They say: The perfect duo for any Lowcountry event.

We say: Americana/country guitar/fiddle duo.

They say: Acoustic gypsy/blues duo.

We say: The fuzzy-faced Mackie Boles and the vivacious Lily Slay have their devilish moments.

They say: Fiddles, banjos, guitars, close harmony singing — that sort of thing. Old-time country and French Cajun.

We say: Acoustic roots duo. Standards and vintage tunes.

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