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They say: Everything from rock to country to classical to Motown.

We say: A varied blend of Americana, bluegrass, and funkiness.

They say: Charleston-based singer/guitarist (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

We say: Reids recent collaborations go under the name Guilt-Ridden Troubadour.

They say: REMOTE is music at its highest apex, creative and cutting edge like alchemists mixing and matching musical form, style and substance while embracing soul and technology to form a new concoction of sight and sound.

We say: An electronic experiment conducted by Graham Whorley and John Fitzgerald.

They say: Acoustic originals and covers from Melissa Etheridge and Fleetwood Mac to U2 and Johnny Cash.

We say: Ready for anything from the IOP to Folly.

They say: A funky-ass groove dat makes your body move.

We say: The stylistic variety, wide-reaching versatility, and broad technical proficiency of Mac's current project, The BootyRanch, is above most in the local scene.

They say: Rapping since the third grade.

We say: Hip-hop from Righchus (Matt Bostick) and engineer and multi-instrumentalist Max Berry.

They say: Melodic electric/acoustic combo.

We say: A versatile blend of twangy guitar-rock, funky acoustic-pop, and mellow ballads.

They say: "Jazz standards on vocal/piano/trombone."

We say: Accomplished local jazz man.

They say: A tight powerhouse quartet capable of playing authentic, traditional Delta and Chicago-style blues.

We say: Paige spent a lot of time playing rhythm and slide guitar in The Urban Shakedancers.

They say: Everything from country to beach music.

We say: Diligent songwriter, strummer, venue host, and singer with a lengthy song list. Often accompanied on stage by killer guitarist Chris Clifton (pictured).

They say: All-request covers with some folk acoustic singer-songwriter originals.

We say: Versatile singer/guitarist with a lengthy song list (also of Soul Fish).

They say: We are working toward being e-tastic.

We say: Soft-hearted indie-rock/pop, led by singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Dan McCurry.

They say: Alt-country in the vein of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven Americana-rock.

They say: Indie/Americana/jam-rock.

We say: Local strummer and entertainer.

They say: Unconfined alternative folk-rock.

We say: Spreading their country-tinged acoustic sounds around the Southeast.

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