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They say: A great stage show, catchy songs, and perfect harmonies.

We say: Sean Kelly and the guys provide an abundance of willfully quirky guitar hooks and romantic melancholic lyrics.

They say: A jazzy conception of ballads, standards, and R&B, with a feel of the Caribbean that reflects that Geechee charm.

We say: Jazz, soul, and funk standards.

They say: Rock/alternative/pop-punk/hard rock/emo.

We say: Heavy alternative rockstuff.

They say: Indie/rock and roll band playing honest, yet catchy, music.

We say: Guitar-heavy, dynamic alternative rock.

They say: Good for what ails ya!

We say: Classic rock and variety.

They say: We started around 1995 when Jeff Buchanan and Bill Johnson teamed up.

We say: Classic rock and jams.

They say: Indie/shoegaze.psychedelic.

We say: A dense, dense, dense, rock thing.

They say: Blues, jazz, gospel, spirituals.

We say: The go-to Lady of Soul.

They say: Made it out from behind the bar now, I'm behind the piano.

We say: A self-taught pianist with an affection for he smooth and soulful side of pop.

They say: We take the hits of the 1980s and rewrite them with our own original fast, hard-rock style. It's all executed with an upbeat, fun attitude, especially from our lead singer, Mia.

We say: Campy, metallic, entertaining cover band with a weird twist.

They say: From Top-40 to classic rock, and some originals are in the works. Interaction from the crowd is what we thrive for.

We say: Veteran local rock cover band.

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